Sometimes you just have to sit back, relax, and let our drivers take you to your desired destinations. With LimoLight, get the reliable rides in a minute with our reasonable rates. Lili Silver - Lowest-cost transpo service which provides a private rides in a standard range of cars. Best for passenger on a tight budget. Lili Gold - This is an affordable ride which offers bigger range vehicles. Fare is higher than Lili Silver. Lili Platinum - Offers larger cars that can seat up to 6 passengers.Best for group of passengers or for those who wants a spacious ride. Lili Diamond - Offers a luxurious ride experience with high-end cars in range with your own professional driver. This is best for special and intimate occassion, and business purposes as well. (Coming soon.) Lili Courier (Small Package up to 20kg) - Provides premium delivery service within and outside Doha with the convenience of few clicks.Maximum allowable weight per package is 20kg. Lili Pick up (House/Office shifting services) - Provides services to pick up bigger objects that needs special handling such such furniture, fixtures, equipment, etc (Refer to our Limolight Online car booking website) Link: View .

About Us
About Us

The main takeaway we offer with Limolight food delivery is that convenience is the most important factor for consumers opting for food delivery. Our Food delivery platform is an easy way to improve the customer experience. We will give you a simple ordering process and speedy delivery of your quality food to your doorsteps.